Qinghai people together in Xining. The first classic lecture classes Ancient Chinese Literature Sear

In September 17th, College of literature and journalism, National University of Qinghai in Xining City, the first occupation technical school "– Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic lectures Boone college classes, this lecture class aims to enable more students to have a deeper understanding and more closeness and love for Chinese culture. The first "classic lecture class: Boone College Ancient Chinese Literature Search" will open the "disciple gauge" "Three Character Classic" "Tao" "the Analects of Confucius", "historical records" Zizhitongjian "such as Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic course. By then, the Qinghai Institute of literature and journalism will be sent to 28 teachers, every Monday to teach a class in Xining for two hours. (author: Chen Jun)  

Provincial Party committee of the first inspection teams feedback to the provincial Civil Affairs De

7 12, the first provincial inspection teams to the provincial Civil Affairs Office of the special inspection feedback, leader Dojena Jean conveyed the important instructions of provincial Party Committee on patrol work spirit, on behalf of inspection teams feedback of the special patrol situation. Provincial Civil Affairs Department of the party secretary Luo Jing wow presided over the meeting and made a statement.

Dojena Jean pointed out that the party since eighteen, the provincial Civil Affairs Department Party to seriously implement the provincial government decision to deploy, conform to the overall situation of reform and development, the introduction of a series of people’s livelihood security policies and reform measures, the province’s civil affairs continuously made new achievements, the overall evaluation of the cadres and the masses is good. In the inspection, inspection team found that the cadres and the masses to reflect some problems, mainly: the weakness of the construction of the party, "two responsibility may not be implemented, the office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the subordinate units of the discipline committee to perform part-time supervision and discipline of accountability to inspect and guide the implementation of rules and regulations is not enough; there is not strict, not strictly enforce the collection the Party regulations and personnel regulations; discipline inspection organs to implement the" three "is not in place, the individual report of the investigation and handling is not timely; the office of party affairs in handling major lax, regulation is not strong enough, some subordinate units found problems rectification is not in place, financial management is not strict audit, individual subordinate units there is still a violation of the central eight provisions of the spirit and the provincial government 21 measures phenomenon. Meanwhile, the inspection team also received a number of leading cadres involved in the problem reflected, has been transferred to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and other relevant departments in accordance with the provisions.

Dojena Jean on behalf of the inspection team made four suggestions. First, the responsibility of the party governing the party to the grassroots level, urging grassroots organizations to strengthen the responsibility to play. The two is to conscientiously implement the regulations on the selection and appointment of cadres, improve the supervision and management of the work of selecting and appointing cadres, and improve the institutionalization and standardization of the work of selecting and appointing cadres. Three is to strengthen the supervision of key areas. Further improve the integrity of the risk prevention and control mechanism and power operation process, improve the effectiveness of risk prevention and control. Four is the discipline and rules in the front, better put the two responsibility to implement.

Luo said the office of the Sundarbans wow, visited feedback suggestion to agree, fully accept, strictly fulfill the inspection rectification responsibility, Party members take the lead rectification, layers of conductive pressure, strictly implement the responsibility to establish the working mechanism of rectification, the list of issues and ledger, make feasible and effective rectification plan; the business offices and office units should be strictly in accordance with the rectification plan, one by one to refine the program, to take effective measures to resolutely do not let go, the rectification is not in place to stop, the people are not satisfied pin.


Xining 110 networking system into the people bodyguard

in recent years, Xining New District, shops, more and more companies, however, whether it is to live in high-end residential or open the company, the people are most concerned about the safety of nature. Now through a small probe, whether home or shop, once the thief broken windows into the house, the interior of the sensor within 3 seconds can be sent to the 110 security center alarm visual video alarm networking platform, a special security patrol quickly alarm, become people’s bodyguard".

at 3:17 on October 9th, Xining Bayi Road, China Unicom Department of burglary occurred burglary case. 110 security center visual video network alarm platform system show thieves break into the door near the display cabinet in the mobile phone to steal, the police see from the monitor screen, timely propaganda of thieves, thieves with great to deter thieves grabbed a couple of the mobile phone price is not high positions in panic and flee. Because the whole process less than 3 minutes, special security patrol rushed to the scene failed to catch the thief. October 10th, the company responsible for the networking alarm system to pay 4100 yuan in damages to customers.

is reported that at present, Xining has 282 units with the personal bodyguard". "Since the installation of the alarm system, I don’t have to keep every night in the shop, if someone came to steal it, not only the 110 security center visual video alarm networking platform can monitor, my mobile phone will prompt. (author:
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The province’s non-public economic organizations to celebrate the 95 anniversary of the founding of

7 1, the provincial non-public economic organizations Party committee held in Qinghai Convention Center, the province’s non-public economic organizations to celebrate the founding of the party’s annual recognition of the general assembly and the performance of the 95. Provincial Standing Committee, United Front Work minister Danko attended the meeting, met with the province’s non-public economic organizations outstanding communist party members and outstanding party workers, outstanding Party members of the friends of the grassroots party organizations and representatives.

, once pointed out that by units and individuals in recognition of the outstanding representative of the non-public economy in our province the grass-roots party organizations and party work support enterprises responsible person, the province’s non-public economy the majority of Party members, is to uphold and carry forward the party’s advanced model and representative. On behalf of the advanced deeds of the Communist Party of China in the new century focused on the outstanding quality and style, is the province’s non-public economic grassroots party organizations, the majority of the Communist Party members and non-public economy to learn from the example. We hope to get the honorary title of the representatives to cherish the honor, make persistent efforts to promote the province’s non-public enterprise party construction work to a new level, for the province’s reform and development to make new and greater contributions.

in recognition of the general assembly, the party · in my heart; always go with the party "as the theme of the show kicked off in the dance" spirit "drum rhyme," standing on the grassland at Beijing "" harmony "Chinese dance expressed the non-public economy people love the party, love the motherland spirit. The art show programs by cities, non-public economic organizations of the Party committee and the provincial (joint) non-public enterprises selected carefully rehearsed.


Tens of millions of margin forced enterprises to dust

according to the area of the construction site, demolition site, easy situation characteristics of dust pollution in the East District of symptomatic drastic action to carry out special rectification, effectively reduce the PM2.5 and PM10 pollution index.
– "carpet" examination, 165 of the region’s construction construction site at present, for the restart of review procedures 96, issued 153 copies of the rectification notice, issued a suspension notice 149 copies; collection of dust pollution margin of more than 1000 yuan, take economic forced mechanism to urge the construction unit rectification.
the requirement area 24 demolition site for wet work, do a good job in the enclosure, cover at the same time, ensure each at the time of the demolition demolition site configuration of a sprinkler synchronous operation, effectively reduce the dust pollution caused by the demolition.
– two times to minimize dust pollution caused by damaged by road, within the jurisdiction of the damaged road timely maintenance, timely maintenance, to ensure smooth drainage of pavement, road repair, completed this year, 5837 square meters, 692 square meters of brick laying sidewalks, newly built road calculus 87 meters.
– the key polluting unit area, taking interviews, fines, forced the construction site dust pollution in accordance with the five per cent rectification in place, significant effect.
– district construction sector raised funds for unmanned management Lin Jiaya, Zhu Jiaying and other 4 200 square meters of land cover and bare flat, on the road on both sides of the road greening sprinkler irrigation with bare land, and in some areas, take the "frozen" measures to reduce dust.


Huangzhong County, while making efforts to build a multi policy sunshine

Since this year, Huangzhong County in accordance with the "overall precision, accurate and detailed and stringent requirements, through the establishment of a" network ", issued the" one card "," published a book ", continuously promote the fine management of civil work, optimize work procedures, improve service level, effectively promote the construction of the sun


this year, Huangzhong County in accordance with the "overall precision, accurate and detailed and stringent requirements, through the establishment of a" network ", issued the" one card "," published a book ", continuously promote the fine management of civil work, optimize work procedures, improve the service level, effectively promote the construction of the sun.

– "one net" – Huangzhong County Civil Affairs network. actively promote the convenience of civil affairs, information technology, built and has opened the operation of the Huangzhong civil affairs website. The site is set up, open government policies and regulations, news center, service guide 7 plates, 32 columns, the published policies and regulations, departmental functions, dynamic content more than 220, the county’s urban and rural, rural reconstruction and other objects are disclosed. Internet users in the site for policy advice, information inquiries, form download, report complaints, etc.. Built to run the site, the county civil affairs informationization and networking and modernization, to further improve the transparency of the work, for a better understanding of the masses of civil affairs, supervision of the work to build a convenient platform.

– "one card" – Bank card. Huangzhong County People’s government issued "on the strengthening of the management and use of special funds will be issued notice", all the Civil Affairs Department of the funds through a bank account object by the Civil Affairs Department of civil affairs, civil registration, bank directly into the account object, realize the social distribution of funds, reduce the disbursement of intermediate links, to avoid in the payment of funds in the wrong link, less fat, multiple, withholding, interception, misappropriation and ride fees phenomenon, to ensure the safe and convenient payment of civil relief funds operation.

– "one book" – "Huangzhong civil affairs work Handbook". published "Huangzhong Civil Affairs issued more than 1.5 volumes of manual". The "manual" covers the Civil Affairs Department of the work function, organization, work processes, service hotline 4 basic contents, with user-friendly, simple form of the civil work of the most basic and most commonly used, the people most in need of understanding of the policy, at the same time by the issued "contact Huangzhong County civil affairs work card" on. The civil affairs department for the affairs of the contact person and telephone number of the public, to facilitate the masses for civil matters. "Manual" and "Huangzhong District contact Huangzhong county civil affairs work card" of the production release, to further improve the masses of the civil affairs policy awareness, in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of the masses, laid the foundation for promoting civil work running in the sunshine.





Huangzhong will build a plateau cultural city run Ming

two day lunar new year in February, wine fragrance Huangzhong County Lan Long Kou Zhen LAN Cun Jin Jia Mu Cangling a bustling, the dozens of experts and scholars gathered here, all kinds of folk folk activities continue to debut, the first Mu village run cultural festival held here in t. This activity aims to the intangible cultural heritage, promote cultural tourism integration, create effect, benefit, depth of the cultural characteristics of Qinghai tourism brand, the construction of Qinghai city culture run ming.

Mu village run brewing technology in our province is both unique Hehuang farming culture, Huangzhong county is the first batch of intangible cultural heritage, has 300 years of history, MOET distilled liquor products in Qinghai has a well-known folk. In order to fully exploit its rich cultural connotation, bigger and stronger the moet distilled brand, promote the integration of traditional folk culture and tourism, promote the traditional industry structure adjustment, promote the increase of farmers’ income, highlighting the Hehuang MOET distilled cultural advantages, Huangzhong county will be the production of non-material cultural heritage protection as the starting point, leveraging DOPA metro construction built in Qinghai plateau for Jiaming run television culture village as the core, radiation around 30 square kilometers of Qinghai plateau MOET distilled culture city, and strive to build Qinghai plateau culture city MOET distilled into a set of MOET distilled production shows, rural tourism, agricultural sightseeing, leisure and fitness, red culture education as one of the comprehensive tourism scenic area, make it become our province "one circle and three line" tourist products.

at present, the Qinghai plateau MOET distilled cultural city investment more than 300 yuan to complete the road hardening, tourism logo signs, village sanitation comprehensive management, rural power lines and transformation projects, commissioned by the Qinghai University to compile the planning, and actively strive for road reconstruction, Hehuang farming culture exhibition hall, the construction of pollution-free vegetable production base, agricultural circulation such a construction project. Accelerate the construction of tourism infrastructure and service facilities, improve tourism facilities, enhance the reception capacity.

the day of the festival began in full run of both the traditional flavor of ritual activities, long drinking water, new wine, wine, and other activities to meet running start, our province culture masters Teng Xiaotian and Wang Haiyan separately to improvise couplets, poems, calligraphy brush the spot, after the singer sing, passion flowers, Folk Wushu Qinghai Jiuling ditty medley, wine and other folk activities carried out in succession. (author: Ge Wenrong)

2007 Xining residents gold and silver jewelry spending substantial growth

according to the National Bureau of investigation team Xining 300 households sample survey data show: 2007 residents of the city of Xining gold and silver jewelry per capita expenditure of 47.67 yuan, more than doubled, among other goods and service consumption growth in the first.

gold and silver jewelry is due to the growth of the growth of the income level of urban residents, consumption levels continue to improve, as well as people’s awareness of financial management, etc.. In addition, the impact of the international gold price, gold and silver jewelry last year repeatedly hit a record high domestic gold prices, gold and silver jewelry spending has become a high growth factor. (author: Ma Yun)


Development of beautiful industry Tim force beautiful countryside

this year, Huangyuan county to carry out comprehensive improvement of the 7 villages, the construction of the plateau beautiful countryside, from the external environment to the living room of farmers, from the living habits of farmers to employment…… The beauty of the countryside not only to the United States in the environment, but also to the United States in the industry and the income of farmers, Huangyuan efforts to let the villagers have a good life, both the United States and the environment, and rich pockets. It is reported that
and the characteristic industry before the village in the township to build around the villa raspberry plateau beautiful countryside, the development of raspberry and rye industry focus, raspberry planting 1400 acres, 400 acres of rye, built multi storage pit, providing security for the village and farmers planting raspberries raspberries villa preservation, initially built a set of cultivation, storage and processing and sales of plateau characteristic agriculture industry group.
economic crop, Ba Yan Xiang Xia Hu Dancun increase crop industry structure adjustment, increase the characteristics of economic crops, Qingza 5, horse teeth horsebean seedling, high Xiaoqing, feed and other economic crops planting area of nearly 2000 acres, especially brought considerable income for planting 500 acres of medicinal herbs such as dangshen village temple; small Zhai Xiang temple village relies on small temple Ersenjie open-air vegetable cooperatives planting 230 acres of vegetables; Xiang Bo Hang Hang Cun wave guide breeding and other economic crops, increase farmers’ income.
– and if the country culture construction standard medicine village farming park 2, barn 25, high-quality forage to expand the area of 2400 mu, accounting for 75% of the total arable land, economic crops accounted for more than 85%, the establishment of various types of farming cooperatives 3; Sun Xiang village built pasture livestock shed 14 building, the establishment of professional culture cooperatives 2, involving 18 households; Ba Yan Xiang Xia Hu Sheng Xiang Dancun farming cooperatives Derek Grass Industry Co Ltd, the rapid development of large-scale breeding industry led farmers to operate, provide a channel for the villagers to the nearest employment income; small temple temple Xiang Village new barn 48, 1600 head of livestock; air wave Xiang Bo Hang Village and actively guide the masses to focus on the development of plateau chicken breeding.
– medicine Ping Xiang GA Zhuang Cun Hong Wen professional planting cooperatives to planting spruce, Chinese herbal medicine, of which 12 villagers planted a total of 40 acres of Chinese angelica, Codonopsis, and signed a sales agreement with Gansu medicine company, 25 villagers planted spruce seedlings, the spruce and Chinese herbal medicine planting area accounts for 30% of the total arable land temple village;