The benefits of plagiarism driven by the needs of your idea others are not copied



last week, PickRide anti plagiarism thing is quite serious. Although I tried the PickRide product, I feel very bad, but still support the founder of PickRide condemned plagiarism, the pursuit of their own rights and interests of behavior. But today we are not going to discuss this thing is true or otherwise, just to say my views on plagiarism.

plagiarism is available anywhere, including the internet. Apple apple from Xerox, Microsoft copy copy, now and then to a topic China Internet most criticized, plagiarism has become an ingrained Westerners on the mainland Internet opinion. And in particular, thanks to a gang of Internet heavyweights, such as plagiarism started Tencent, not only to allow the Chinese people to see plagiarism can be successful, but also opened the prelude to the history of Chinese Internet plagiarism.

in the past, plagiarism is indeed a very high success rate of a way. This is mainly because the network is not so developed, lack of information, differences in different countries, serious user habits of users localization significantly, and before the Internet users are still in the early stage, so a good product will soon be able to get the user, whether he is not plagiarism.

but now, the rapid development of the network, various countries are increasingly open, many products start to face the global users, all of the gaps mentioned above have been reduced, the user’s cognitive level and the product requirements are constantly improve, so if a product is plagiarism, most users do not use a similar product. This will not have the meaning of plagiarism, the possibility of plagiarism is also getting higher and higher.

actually broken up, there are three kinds of plagiarism.

is the first direct competition plagiarism, that is, in the same market, the basic logic of the product are the same, but some details such as UI color is not the same. This type of plagiarism is basically no doubt, now not many people stupid to do such a thing. If this type of plagiarism is successful, there is only one reason: unfair competition. For example, when Microsoft IE beat bundled Netscape, belongs to this kind of a series of products, Tencent are also so.

but now, even through unfair competition, it is difficult to succeed. For a period of time before the Facebook name of the name of hacker spirit plagiarism SnapChat made out of Poke, although the same day on-line Poke rushed to the free list first position, but soon fourth days fell to 34, while the SnapChat back to the top three positions.

second is in different markets, due to the user’s language, cultural habits, etc., the birth of a localized plagiarism, such products are the most common type of plagiarism. European Samwer three brothers plagiarism factory is doing so, China’s Tumblr plagiarism >

Pat home to change the domain name to Jingdong

renamed China ( April 16th news, today, the Jingdong will be this year’s focus on building the O2O platform "take home" was renamed "Jingdong home", and enable two domain station.



: Jingdong home page

it is understood that, when the film was launched, its website domain name is, is also a two domain name. Today, the Jingdong to shoot home changed its name to Jingdong home, but the one changed to pdj". Whether it is to shoot home or Jingdong home, the corresponding domain name has been registered. Such as domain name,, etc..

and it is worth mentioning that Larry domain is president and CEO of the 58 city to hundreds of million yuan price to win, I do not know whether it is to launch the "58 home" related products. In any case, O2O platform Jingdong home Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong personally caught the project, whether it will be the corresponding domain name acquisition and enable, or continue to use the two domain name, worth a visit!

EBay Greater China Lin Yizhang China’s electricity supplier export trends

reporter Yang Linhua Beijing reported

early in November 27th, eBay released the Greater China cross-border e-commerce retail export industry map. The report said: China’s eight cross-border electricity supplier retail outlets are Guangdong, Hongkong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Taiwan, Jiangsu and Fujian. Among them, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu were 76.1%, 56.1% and 52% growth rate to become the fastest growing cross-border export center. In addition, the most popular category in order of global buyers were electronics, fashion, furniture and gardening and auto parts, furniture, auto parts and gardening fashion has become the fastest growing category three.

this report and eBay global technology trends and other issues, the afternoon of November 27th, eBay global vice president, Greater China CEO Lin Yizhang accepted an exclusive interview with the economic news reporter in twenty-first Century.

million dollar seller trend is obvious

twenty-first Century: compared with last year, this year, China or cross-border e-commerce retail outlets in the world what are the obvious changes in


Lin Yizhang: the first trend is the "big" sellers do more and more big, extended very much, I am here to say "big sellers" is defined as tens of millions of dollars. Usually they will have two characteristics, one is to sell a large quantity, and the two is also a lot of product categories. This talk seems very easy, but if you think about it, the first thing he was selling in large quantity, said inventory is large, then the IT system is very complex, and sold to 200 countries around the world rather than to a person, which means that the operation is very complex. I think this is a new model, nobody does it like this, which makes his competitiveness is very strong, the price is low, low price and good things to him, it will cause other than medium-sized sellers now also feel pressure, should also expand.

and I said so many categories, is also very interesting, because you have to sell things to purchase, to judge the quality of things is good, to study will have sales, this is a very complicated system, I think these China sellers have developed a very unique business model. This is a clear trend that I have seen this year.

"twenty-first Century": what makes you feel more profound?

Lin Yizhang: for example, auto parts, the seller is not Chinese before, before we are in the sale of electronics and clothing, furniture and parts but now these two categories will come up, and more and more sellers want to sell this stuff. A few years ago said more bluntly, some of the items we may design didn’t look good, not on the level, quality is not good enough, but now it will not, like clothes, Home Furnishing class, including auto parts etc..

auto parts involving safety, safety is not good, who dare to use your stuff? Of course auto also relates to a decorative appearance, because a lot of things, foreigners will now come.

Said Gaopeng and F group merger on the agenda


technology news April 13th evening news, although Gaopeng and F group of merger rumors have been silent, but media reports said the merger has entered the agenda: Gaopeng had summoned all the area manager to discuss the merger.

according to the owners of the house reported that Gaopeng (micro-blog) has announced a merger with the F group in the interior, and summoned all the district manager from the capital, discussing a merger. The official declined to comment on the matter is still high, which had previously stressed that Groupon will not withdraw from the Chinese.

The number of

day before the forum broke the news, Gao Peng and F group business will be integrated, as early as April 20th, the late May before the completion of the merger and reorganization. However, there is no specific merger details outflow.

F group, Gaopeng common background is a Tencent investment, some analysts believe that the Tencent plays an important role in the process of acquisition, after Tencent CEO Ma Huateng had on the reasons in the frustration of Chinese Gaopeng: the preparation is not sufficient, the late line too fast.

at the same time, the Tencent also owns the QQ group purchase business, internal resources and capacity in the will and F group, Gaopeng repeated.

had tried to handle network, Wo Wo Group IPO has been difficult, capital loss of group purchase interest. Analysts believe that the industry to buy from the prosperity of the current dilemma, the need to continue to maintain the integration of development. After the emergence of Youku potatoes in the video industry, after the event, the industry will usher in more integration. (Cui Xi)

Domain deletion list March 30, 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today……

domain name Trading Forum

What is Taobao generation operation Business school for you to answer

In the Taobao

market, for the status quo between Taobao operators and enterprises, is still in short supply, especially for a reliable professional on behalf of the operating companies, is to grab the head broken and bleeding. B companies see the rapid rise of the A enterprises, through various means, A hired corporate trader C D spent a lot of companies see enterprise investment, but the results are not always on the go, the D business operation was sentenced to death.

called Taobao generation operation, as the name suggests, is a Taobao business entrust store daily operation, management, marketing, promotion and other work to professional on behalf of the operating companies, with rich shop management, and well trained operators Taobao for sellers of all-weather operating shops, effectively improve the visibility of the shop sales. And reputation, fast, professional and safe to improve store core competitive advantage, the seller shops entrusted to the generation of operating companies, is responsible for shipping and other simple work, all the rest of the work on behalf of the operating companies.

with carriers adhering to college for the purpose of customer service, carry out extensive market research, combined with their own actual Taobao for the seller to provide one-stop professional services on behalf of the operators, including the following five aspects:


1 network sales platform, operation and planning: a combination of brand and consumer online sales network to determine the brand positioning, the establishment of a complete project team for each customer, and assist the seller to develop their team, provide in Taobao high flow e-commerce platform for one-stop service. According to the brand positioning to determine the design style, and provide professional web design.

2 brand marketing: regular theme activities launched in the market promotion activities, Taobao fixed regular, SEM SEO optimization improve store click rate and conversion rate, shop regular station promotion, to maximize resources in the interests of advertising planning and tracking feedback, help sellers Taobao train and other marketing tools to promote the use of.

3 product photography and graphic design services: professional visual marketing team to provide advice and confirm with customer requirements from the shooting style, style, model, makeup and collocation, scene selection, customers can participate in the treatment of later images: color, proportion, structure adjustment, page dotting, with a design element.

4 store online operation services: industry, brand, store sales data statistics analysis, the formation of the sales team, based on data support precision sales and improved feedback. Shop data and company orders and inventory system to get through, to achieve synchronization management. Provide logistics interface, provide training to customer logistics department. Use store management software for daily store operation and monitoring.

The overall scheme of the

5 enterprise e-commerce: solutions for customer tailored from the platform to a set of electricity supplier brand promotion plan, choose the best channel integration, network operators will provide senior platform standard operating guidance services, to help customers improve their operational skills.

WiFi partner Lian Zhiyao 0 30 million users to gather input costs how to make

April 23rd, WiFi companion version V2.3 landing Tencent application platform grand treasure first, from the Tencent open platform data show that the WiFi companion episode downloads exceeded 600 thousand, an increase of 600% active users than the previous episode. After this spurt of growth, the number of users WiFi partner successfully exceeded 30 million. And to achieve this number, from July 2012 WiFi partner first version of the line less than two years.

looking back more than two years of business history, WiFi partner CEO Lian Zhiyao think, for developers, the early start is best not to think too much, because if you put all the difficulties and obstacles have thought of it, maybe I would not dare to begin". At the same time, as an innovative tool for the class of applications, WiFi partner successfully gathered 30 million users, 0 is the cost to promote investment. Next, let us walk into the story of the success of WiFi partners and mobile Internet era.

: don’t want to venture too much dare to start

The beginning of the story of the

WiFi partner may not be a typical entrepreneurial legend.

2012 Lian Zhiyao and two other founders, are still engaged in communications operators network services related work. Thanks to the work background, even Zhi Yao and his buddy understands communications operators message will deploy public wireless network in the country. At the same time, with the popularity of smart phones, the demand for wireless internet access is growing. Here, Lian Zhiyao sees the opportunity.

to do a common user access to the operator’s free WiFi network of products, the idea of gradually formed in Lian Zhiyao’s mind. In this way, even Chi Yao took two friends together to develop a WiFi partner such a product.

at the beginning of Lian Zhiyao and partners did not realize that they are in the business, but simply want to do a useful product for users. At that time, the three founders have their own work, WiFi partner is only in the rest of the work of the hobby".

Lian Zhiyao said that at that time the idea is very simple, is to make a product, a product useful to the user, does not want to have to do what did not want to profit model, cost control and so on these things. In retrospect, Lian Zhiyao was very fortunate to have such a state, because if you put all the difficulties and obstacles have thought of it, maybe I would not dare to begin".

promotion: 0 30 million users to gather input costs

July 2012, the first release of the WiFi companion is officially released. At that time the grass root entrepreneur Lian Zhiyao, naturally there is no money to do what promotion, forum, Post Bar, mobile phone game player community…… These channels will become the beginning of WiFi companion shelves of the application market".

as a new, and even a lot of bug >

Squid network the pioneer of electronic business platform

The current

mobile phone, the electricity supplier industry develops like a raging fire, offline stores such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, mobile phone market is just under the line of dragons and fishes jumbled together, rampant fakes, price transparency is far less than the online business platform, but also deliberately guide sales may make you miss the good mobile phone. The third party business platform based on squid network flow, as a pioneer of electronic business platform, expand their business scope and the radiation service areas, providing a more affordable channel for mobile phone buyers.

After all,

mobile phone belongs to the category of 3C, high level of standardization, especially suitable for online transactions. Squid network using the Internet to optimize the business model, focusing on mobile phones, 3C accessories, intelligent hardware and other products sales, procurement, experience, distribution, recycling and maintenance. Through the integration of online and offline channel resources, reshape the industrial value chain, the squid network gradually realize the layout of the whole industry service platform to lay a solid foundation. Consumers can obtain abundant information of mobile phone, and can buy various brands of various types of mobile phone, mobile phone accessories, tablet computer, digital camera and notebook and other electronic products, the price is much lower than the market price. And all the goods are genuine licensed to provide formal invoices, enjoy Quanguolianbao, letting you have no menace from the rear. In addition, the squid network also has a one-stop service of digital communications, can be better in the mobile terminal, PC side of the precise marketing, so that consumers can buy at ease.



network as a pilot in Shanghai, pioneering to provide a full range of home services and two hour express service, including door-to-door delivery, pickup and maintenance of customer service service, two hours door-to-door, in one step, greatly improve the service efficiency, enhance the customer experience.

compared with the traditional price war, squid net depth involved, "Festival", "big promotion" as an excuse to launch platform for commodity prices, to attract more customers to buy platform; and every kind of "gifts" and "full" and other preferential measures, to a specific point in time when there will be a "promotion", "the anniversary" of a kind of activity, all of this are to provide the most cost-effective services for consumers.

Sales experience of mobile communication terminal products

network has many years of squid, consumer terminal communication is committed to advanced, stylish and value-added service products in the national market in sales and marketing, have an excellent reputation and brand satisfaction.

Wisdom in the bid an entertainment on the rise of the electricity supplier, to purchase virgin land!

With the diversified development of the market, people’s demand for shopping is no longer stay in the acquisition of goods, more stay in the process of getting the goods and after-sale link

. Therefore, this year we saw more and more businesses began to fight the service campaign, the focus of competition to the transfer of after-sales.

in prevailing electricity supplier industry, in addition to the above mentioned "service campaign" in the sale of part of the virgin soil has been dug, the recent highly sought after in the younger age groups of "bid treasure" is the best mode of online shopping.


wisdom in bid was the official bid treasure definition

if you want to explain why bid treasure mode on-line fame, it must first understand their mode of operation.

bid treasure is similar to the electricity supplier website wisdom in the bid was ( original model. You can enter the wisdom in bid have to choose a piece of merchandise to participate in bid po. All commodity prices are 0 yuan for each participant, "bid", commodity prices only rose 0.01 yuan, 10 seconds no longer bid, finally bid participants can be the current price to buy goods. Participants every "bid" will deduct a certain amount of virtual currency, but if the bid treasure fails, simply make up the difference can also be purchased goods purchased.


bid treasure play

initial tipping point – ridiculously cheap charm

in bid treasure mode, the purchase price of goods is often the ultimate ridiculous. Less than 100 yuan iPhone, dozens of dollars of motorcycles and a lot of ridiculous low price was born.

rise in the CPI today, the concept of low price in the business competition is indispensable, the word "special" has never been absent from any one of the retail business advertising. The wisdom of the starting point in the bid is also cheap, but under the bid treasure mode ridiculous cheap grab the eye, but more importantly, this model allows the price of the dominant consumer. Everyone has an expected price in mind, give up more than expected.


Iphone 5S

sold $28.43

core competence — entertainment of shopping process

if you experience bid treasure, you will find that bid treasure like a game. The success of the game, won the "price shopping" qualification; the game failed to fill the post purchase, which is more than a game company of some kind.

to spend as little as possible to obtain the success of bid treasure, you need to continue to think with other users of the game, the use of the existing rules of the site to create their own advantages

Taobao customers into the product segments in order to survive

has a group of people active in Taobao to promote products for others on the market, called Taobao. Taobao off, is currently a grassroots webmaster hope to earn a revenue model through the network. Clearly, Taobao’s charm lies in its high commission and high credibility. I believe a lot of people to come to the site once enough traffic, can not be linked to Ali mother products to promote the link, which is the use of Taobao passenger traffic sales of products.

however, as part of the Internet to make money in one of the Taobao model, in the past two years, the increasingly fierce competition, the promotion of poor strength is basically zero income, the execution is not strong basically do not make money. How to be able to get from the fierce development of Taobao passenger ranks? The pioneer that selection of products is crucial, directly determines the quantity of your income and the degree of competition.

product selection, we should jump out of the Red Sea products, from high profit products to a single product development. What is the high know products? Such as weight-loss products, breast products, anti acne products…… These products, if you want to do, unless you have enough confidence and patience to adhere to, it is difficult to get a good ranking. You know, this high profit products after nearly two years of promotion, has basically done rotten, do not have the. Choose it, as to set up a level of their own, whether or not, is still unknown.

, however, the choice of products instead of more advantages than disadvantages. What products? If you want to do slimming products, you don’t choose to speak generally, rarity LVSHOU promotion, because the choice of LVSHOU slimming products than your choice of weight loss products this Guan Jian word, easier to get good rankings. You can also choose other products, for example if you want to promote a wedding gift, on the choice of product segments in 925 Sterling Silver Pendant, which is subdivided. For example, you can choose to do the diapers breakdown products promotion……

, however, many segments of the product is not too hot. Because it is divided, so the index is not particularly high, and some commissions are relatively low. So, many people look down on the nature of this little money. However, due to its low competition, it is very easy to optimize, the webmaster is definitely a kind of confidence to encourage.

how to adhere to optimize a year before they can earn high profits products, and requires only 2 months on the optimization to the first Baidu products and revenue of this product, which do you prefer? Obviously, just join the ranks of the money online friends, choose the latter is a kind of knowing move.

of course, it depends on individual ability and courage. If you are strong, you can use action to prove their ability to stand out in the long competition, if not, you should start from the point of view, to build their own network to make money. This article is provided by the 115 gift network, reprint please retain the original.